Freelance Full Stack iOS and Web Developer

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Found Passion

Simply put, I love making apps. I have found programming to be a passion which I only wish to further advance myself in. To me, making any app is a puzzle, and I find the most rewarding experiences in creating a fresh and challenging product.


iOS, Node.js, MongoDB, Parse, AWS, Unity3D, and Web Applications


Swift, Objective-C, Javascript, jQuery, C#, and HTML5

Full Stack

Create an app for iOS, Android, or web, and build a server and database to integrate with

Code Encapsulation

Clean, optimized, and modular code development

User Accounts

Allow users to register and login with either third party services, such as Facebook, or internally via a validated email address


Encrypt passwords or other sensitive data and restrict API key access based on platform or user roles


Receive regular updates of the product to test


Get detailed reports of user behavior, session length, cause of bugs and more

Third Party Services

Integrate Facebook, Twitter, AWS, Google, or any other service in your platform

API and Open Source Frameworks

Harness the power of trusted third party tools and resources to enhance your product

Source Control

Have every stage of the work backed up and cataloged via Git