Freelance Full Stack iOS and Web Developer

Five Pack Creative - Project for Vitamin Shoppe

e-commerce iOS app

Vitamin Shoppe Logo Vitamin Shoppe Screenshot
Integrated new features, such as a new loyalty program, into existing app Managed API calls and implemented data mapping powered by promises Bug fixes, optimizations, and storyboards with autolayout and stackviews

Integrated new features, such as a new loyalty rewards program, special offers, and purchase history, into existing e-commerce app.

Built and maintained API calls and data mapping powered by PromiseKit.

Found and fixed bugs, optimized sync and async code, and developed views using storyboards powered by autolayout and stackviews.

Features include

  • Point based, multitier customer loyalty rewards program
  • Product offers and deals
  • Class sizes and code customizations for specific devices
  • Dynamically sizing table views and collection views powered by autolayout and stackviews
  • Customer order and product purchase history
  • Extensive analytics on user behavior
  • Custom built API Manager integrated with PromiseKit
  • Multiple user flows based on user type and API responses
  • PLP (product list page), PDP (product display page), shopping cart, and checkout
  • One time delivery, pickup in store, and auto delivery purchase option
Vitamin Shoppe Screenshot

Undisclosed Medical Project

Website, web application, Node.js server, and iOS app

Built from the ground up, this project includes a content management system (MongoDB) and an admin portal to supply content to registered users.

Registered users have their own profile, adaptive preferences, and are hooked up to an auto-pay subscription system.

Web application is powered by Node.js, EJS, and JS. A custom built API is used for secure calls for the iOS and Android apps.

Features include

  • Admin portal and content management system
  • A combination of analytics and user preferences to generate a dynamic and unique user experience
  • Fully featured web application with fully featured native mobile applications
  • Multimedia streaming via AWS's S3
  • Node.js server running through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Development, staging, and production environments for both the mobile apps and server
  • Async network management
  • Virtual assistant that interacts with users based on their needs and preferences
  • User generated content
  • More information will be provided post launch

EZ Green Home

Website, web application, Node.js server, and iOS app

EZ Green Home Logo

EZ Green Home is a company that both inspects and installs equipment in homes to help increase a home's energy efficiency.

To assist in this process, we are building a platform that books and manages appointments, their warehouse inventory, inventory of a specific field staff member, and an iOS app for field staff to use so they can log each step of an appointment.

A web portal is provided so admins can log in and access special features. The system is powered by Node.js, MongoDB, and iOS.

Features include

  • Admin portal to allow manual editing of the inventory and appointment systems
  • Appointment booking system and an algorithm to determine which day's and times are available
  • Appointment caps can be modified per date / time
  • Inventory system to distribute parts between the warehouse, field staff, and consumers
  • iOS app for field staff to take to appointments
  • Tracking system with map that shows GPS coordinates of all staff while they are clocked in with a company iPad
  • Send an automated SMS to customers when a field staff is on their way and when they are arriving
  • Detailed logging system for field staff to input appointment details
  • On site contract finger signing and credit card payment systems

CoachCam - Turn Your Hoop into a Smart Hoop

Includes custom hardware integration

CoachCam Logo CoachCam Screenshot

CoachCam is a proprietary motion capture device that can be setup in any gym. This single camera will track players and record stats on their shots.

‚ÄčThe camera is accompanied by an iOS app, allows users to create an account and connect to a CoachCam via WiFi. Once connected, the CoachCam scans players and uses motion tracking to record the type of shot they made, the location it was made on the court, and whether or not it was a successful.

On this project, I was the sole developer for the iOS app and the web server which the app and the CoachCam connected to. I also worked on a team to develop the CoachCam's local server software, which was built on Node.js with web sockets.

Features include

  • Facebook and email login
  • Shot information plotted on a court map in real time on
  • Algorithms for filtering and calculating past stat information
  • Animated charts and graphs that dynamically change on user input
  • Networking traffic from the iOS app to both local hardware and a custom built web server
CoachCam Screenshot

Trackpacker - The Traveler's Social Network

Complete with Offline Maps

Trackpacker Logo Trackpacker Screenshot

Trackpacker bridges the gap between generic social networking and blogging by bring an app that does both in a single, seamless environment.

Whether you are online or offline, the phone's GPS will continue to log your progress in the background at a frequency of your choice. As you travel, users can post status updates complete with both image and video media types.

The app also features offline mapping capabilities, ensuring that it is available even when you are far from a cell tower or in a country where staying in airplane mode is preferable.

Features include

  • Facebook and email login
  • Offline mapping and posting
  • Automatically compiles all posts in an interactive trip map for easy viewing
  • Local data management that automatically uploads offline posts when an Internet connection is available
  • Like and Reply on posts
  • Reverse geolocating
  • Follower / Following system between users
  • Instant messaging
  • Push Notifications
Trackpacker Screenshot

Real Happy Living

DIY Feng Shui Meets Home Decorating

Real Happy Living Logo Real Happy Living Screenshot

Real Happy Living is where DIY Feng Shui meets home decorating. Drag and drop your home's layout into the app for analytical feedback on energy flow and rooms to avoid at certain times of the year. Read up on the effect of chi energy and view interior decor items recommended just for you. You can even explore your home with a compass that tells you which directions are favorable for you to face!

Packed with informational resources, this simple and easy-to-use app that combines educational, analytical, and shopping resources to make home decorating a unique experience. Real Happy Living helps you make sense of the energy around you and make simple changes in your home to shape your fortunes and enjoy greater.

Features include

  • Custom built feng shui compass powered by Location Services
  • Compass vectors are generated and rendered at load time
  • Home floor planner with drag and stop graphics
  • Home questionnaires to provide the app with more information on your home
  • A built in algorithm that analyzes energy flow in the user's home by utilizing the home floor planner and questionnaires
  • Extensive reading material that are dynamically populated from separate plist files
  • A shop containing products relevant to individual users
Real Happy Living Screenshot

Scooper - Video Challenge

A Battle of Cameras and Creativity

Scooper Logo

Integrated into both Parse and AWS's Glacier, S3, and Mongo Database, Scooper makes the most out of backend capabilities to bring users a powerful front end experience.

Take to your phone's camera and challenge others to a video competition! After recording for up to 7 seconds, you can choose to either challenge a random user or a user whom you are following. Once uploaded, the video appears in a public feed for viewers to view and vote. The video with the most votes after 48 hours wins!

Features include

  • Facebook and Twitter login
  • Custom video camera controller built specifically for filming 'Scoops'
  • Custom video player controller to view dueling videos
  • Automatic video thumbnail creation
  • Follower / Following system with non-recursive navigation
  • Lists your Facebook / Twitter friends for easy following
  • Push Notifications
Scooper Screenshot

IV - Date Within the Network

Dating for Ivy League Students

IV Date Logo

In this app I handled both the front and back end using Parse. Please note that only Ivy Leagues students are able to use this app. Anyone who has not gone to an Ivy League school will be waitlisted.

This app requires both Facebook and LinkedIn login for use. These logins not only pull in information about the user, but also verify that they went to an Ivy League school. Using your age and gender preferences, the app finds potential matches in your area. Once both users like each other, their profile information becomes visible and they enter a private chat.

Features include

  • Facebook and LinkedIn login
  • User data collection and Ivey League school validation via Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Automatically generates user profile information via Facebook and LinkedIn (includes work experience, education history, and photo gallery)
  • Location Services (GPS) for finding users in your area
  • Private instant messaging
  • Push Notifications
  • Algorithm that matches users by location, age and gender preference
IV Date Screenshot


Chat with your Classmates

AlmondToc Logo

Finishing up my freelance time with the same company where I worked on Intercom, I participated on the first milestone of AlmondToc. Here I built the UI of the app and setup the Core Data.

AlmondToc is an instant messaging service targeted at connecting college students together. Students can find classmates who are in the same subjects and classes to facilitate academic support groups.

  • Group instant messaging
  • Code Data for optimal data persistence
  • Create class listings to connect users with classmates
  • Access to the user's address book to help them connect with classmates
  • Share photos with other users
AlmondToc Screenshot


An Audio Social Network

Intercom Logo

I was not one of the core developers of this app. Instead I was hired part time to help prepare the app for an update.

Intercom social media app that allows you to communicate via audio. Next time you want to share something, you will no longer need to worry about that small keyboard on your iPhone.

  • Facebook login
  • Play audio files
  • Custom built backend server
  • Ability to upload and post audio files
  • Update profile via the app's custom backend server
Intercom Screenshot


Reserve your Night Life Services

Lavish Logo

Taking a design inspired by Uber, Lavish aims at providing users access to nightlife events in their locality. Users can view nearby nightlife events on a map and purchase tickets, cover and bottle services before they arrive.

  • User login and registration
  • Live event information
  • Event info hidden until the local time is 7pm
  • Location Services and with Google Maps
  • Map pins with detailed callouts
  • Smooth, animated UI
  • Accepts credit card payments via Stripe
Lavish Screenshot

Rack It

Built in only 10 hours!

Rack It Logo

I built this app as an example of the kind of prototype I can make in a short period of time. After preparing the graphics, I only spent 10 hours coding this app before I launched it to the App Store.

If you live in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York, you can easily discover where the nearest municipal bike rack is to you. Once you lock your bike up, you can save the location on your phone. That way you can always find your bike again, even if you have a long night!

Features include

  • Location Services (GPS) or a custom location
  • Apple Maps integration
  • Geocoding via Google; can search for location by address
  • Contains pins annotations and drop pins for rack data
  • Persists racked location
Rack It Screenshot


As Featured on NBC News! Watch Now

PikFlick Logo

Ever had trouble deciding which movie to see? With a group of friends and cannot agree on a movie?

PikFlick gives you a list of movies that have been recently released, with movie synopsis, Rotten Tomatoes rating and more!

  • Shortlist or eliminate movies with swipe gestures
  • Touch film for more details
  • Find local theaters and showtimes
  • Use Location Services or custom location
  • Share your Pik via Facebook, Twitter, text and email
  • Stalemate with a friend? Shake for a random Pik!
PikFlick Screenshot